October 6, 2021

This is my favorite time of year in Northern New Mexico. Breathing in the crisp, cool air is invigorating. Smelling the earthy aroma or green chiles roasting inspires me to cook and eat nutritious, warming meals. The Aspen and Cottonwoods shimmer in such gorgeous colors, you are forced to slow down and take in their beauty. Each season brings a new cycle of life in nature and in us.

Autumn is the time to reap what we’ve sown during the year and experience abundance in our lives. So I’ve decided to focus on creating abundance, right now, today. Where do I want to experience abundance in my life? An abundance of love and friendship? An abundance of health? An abundance of clients?

How do we create abundance in any area of our lives? I believe in the Law of Attraction. I have seen its simple power work many times in my life. Like attracts like, nature abhors a vacuum and the present is always perfect. When I become more of what I want, enhance my thoughts and surroundings with my want and stay present to the truth that is arising in me, what I want naturally gravitates toward me.

If you want more love in your life, become that beacon of love in the world. It sounds easy on paper, but isn’t always easy to accomplish. As soon as I set an intention, my monkey mind (who by the way is as outdated as bell bottom jeans and crocheted vests) jumps into action. What if no one likes me? I hate change. Why do I think I’m even worthy of that? This is stupid, I tried it for a day and it didn’t work. I’ll be judged. Did I mention I hate change? Creating abundance in any area of life doesn’t need to be such a chore or so difficult. I think the universe really wants you and me to have abundance, but we get in the way. We limit ourselves.

There are essential oils I turn to for help in changing my vibration and those deeply rooted beliefs that no longer serve. If we vibrate with anger, we get anger back. If we vibrate with resentment, resentment flows right back to us. Misery loves company, right? White Sage, used for centuries in purification ceremonies, is very grounding and helps you live in an abundant world, helping you manifest whatever you want. Ginger Lily teaches us how to let go. Wintergreen is a gentle guide through change from a place of compassion, allowing you to experience hurt without it damaging you. Niaouli allows you to find the sweetness and abundance in life, see the world as a place that cares for you and provides for your needs. And if my intention is to become more loving in order to have more love in my life, I will definitely be turning to Violet, Ylang Ylang and Rose. Each supports the heart in her own special way.

“Present is always perfect” can be a challenge. When present for me is anger or hurt or judgement, nothing feels very perfect. This is just a feeling passing through that I can act on or not. Being present enough to name the truth of what is arising in the moment is a good starting point. Giving that hurt or insecurity or judgement the freedom to be acknowledged and heard and not allowing it to start ruling my life is my growing edge. All of our feelings are valid in certain situations. When we’re working toward an intention, those things that come up and block us are probably based in beliefs that no longer serve us. Your endocrine system doesn’t know the difference between the fear created in your mind by a tiger rushing toward you or hearing hurtful words during a phone conversation. Your body knows what to do when your brain signals fear; however, it cannot differentiate which fear is necessary to save your life and which fear is overtaking you because of something your father said to you 45 years ago.

I rarely find myself in true life or death situations, so I find that “allowing” those feelings to be fully felt in the moment gives them voice that I can heed or not. The simple act of listening to what is coming up inside and then letting it go (because there is no tiger in the room) opens up the space for what I am wanting to bring in.

“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.” George Sand